Polar Cup 1 & NWT Championships

 Polar Cup 1 & NWT Championships

Feb 9-10-2013

Registration deadline Feb 8 1700h


Saturday Feb 9th Individual Race

11:00 Team Captains meeting

Our Mission

Our Mission is to:

  • To bring communities together through sport
  • To support the talented athletes in their high performance endeavors
  •  To reach out to the remote communities where outdoor activities are a part of daily life
  • To promote health and wellness through participation in cross country skiing and marksmanship
  •  To reconnect youth to the land through cross country skiing, snowshoeing and rifle marksmanship
  •  To educate youth in the safe rifle handling and marksmanship skills that are needed to survive in a traditional Northern lifestyle.

Remarkable Season for Biathlete Brendan Green


Summary of International Biathlon Results: 2011-2012 Season

Prepared by NWT Biathlon April 20, 2012


Buffalo Air

Help us move knockdowns into the communities.  Thank You!


Assisted with moving knock downs into the communities. Thank You!

Buffalo Air

Helped us move knockdowns into the communities. Thank You!

Fast and Female Hosted in Fort Smith

March 30 to April 1 Fort Smith hosted the third ‘Fast and Female’ event to be held in the NWT. Thirty five girls participated from Fort McPherson, Deline, Colville Lake, Fort Good Hope, Trout Lake, Yellowknife and Fort Smith.


by Patti-Kaye Hamilton


Article from Slave River Journal - Hay River biathlon hosts GG for AWG tryouts


Deline Hosts Biathlon Workshop

Shooting targets and strapping on showshoes were all part of the day-long snowshoe biathlon camp hosted by Pat Bobinski in Deline on Sept. 29.

Postal Shoot October-November 2011

 Two shooting sessions are left October 31 and Nov 30.  Lets put the NWT on the map as great shooters.  Here is the link for more info

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