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Doug & Chuck's Blog - Feb 18 (Final Entry)

Race Day #4 - Relays

It was another early start and off to Martock on the 7 AM bus.  I think we have the early morning routine down pat by now!  Prior to leaving, we had to clean out the lock-up unit as all equipment will go directly to the airport after the last race today.

Doug & Chuck's Blog - Feb 17

Sorry to be coming at you a little late....we had no internet connection in our room for the last day or so....too many people with blackberries and lap tops in Halifax this week apparently!

Thursday was our off day, and the team was ready for it!  The boys in particular have had a busy schedule, up at 5 Am every morning.   It was well after 10 before there was any sign of life in the room next door!  The girls have been more fortunate as they have been able to sleep until 8 Am most mornings.

Chuck & Doug's Blog - Feb 16

Race Day #3 - Pursuit

Race day and the usual morning routine - up at 5 AM with the boys, breakfast, pick-up the guns from the lockup unit and it was off to Martock on the bus.....or at least for some of us.  The second morning bus was 35 minutes late and this resulted in the Men's start being delayed by 40 minutes and the Women's by 30 minutes later in the day.

Chuck & Doug's Blog - Feb 15

Race Day #2 - Sprint

Up at 5:00 AM with Joseph and Brandon, Doug and Gail.  Breakfast in the cafeteria at 5:45 AM and off to the bus by 6:30 AM.  Paul already on site, catching the 5:30 AM bus, hard at work on the skis.  Pick up the guns and off to Martock at 7:00 AM.

Very tough conditions today - only about -5 C or so but winds at 30-40 km/h and gusts up to 70 km/h.  Wind chill of about -12 C and as low as -16 C at times.  Snow that was falling was going straight sideways. 

Chuck & Doug's Blog - Feb 14

Today was a training day at the CWG.  The Host Committee was unwilling to move the start time for the boys back by more than an hour (meaning a 6 AM wake up call for the boys).  Given that they were coming off the long 15 km race, the coaches decided that it was more important for the biathletes to get caught up on their sleep than it was to make the trip to Martock for a training day.  As it turned out, many of the other teams made the same decision and training day was not very well attended.

Doug and Chuck's Blog - Feb 13

Race Day!   15 km individual for the boys and 12.5 km for the girls!  There are 39 in the field, with Youth (17 and 18 year old) combined with Junior (19 and 20 year old)  Time penalty of 1 minute per miss on the shooting.  Definitely a shooter's race!

Chuck & Doug's Blog - Feb 12

Up to start our day at 4:45 AM!   Yikes...that's 1:45 AM Hay River time!  Got Joseph and Brandon up for breakfast and they were off to Martock with Doug once they had their guns out of lock-up.  Chuck hung back and travelled with the girls for their 12:00 session.

Chuck & Doug's Blog - Feb 11

Day Two at the Games involved getting our equipment organized and then off to the Opening Ceremony!

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