Doug and Chuck's Blog - Feb 13

Race Day!   15 km individual for the boys and 12.5 km for the girls!  There are 39 in the field, with Youth (17 and 18 year old) combined with Junior (19 and 20 year old)  Time penalty of 1 minute per miss on the shooting.  Definitely a shooter's race!

Chuck & Doug's Blog - Feb 12

Up to start our day at 4:45 AM!   Yikes...that's 1:45 AM Hay River time!  Got Joseph and Brandon up for breakfast and they were off to Martock with Doug once they had their guns out of lock-up.  Chuck hung back and travelled with the girls for their 12:00 session.

Chuck & Doug's Blog - Feb 11

Day Two at the Games involved getting our equipment organized and then off to the Opening Ceremony!

Feb. 10-2011 Arrived in Halifax

 We made it to the airport after spending the night at Fraser Towers. 3 taxi loads to get us there. Doug Swallow,coach , Chuck Lirette, coach Paul Green, Wax Tech, Joseph lirette, Brandon Norris and Gaylen Pischinger athletes.

Canada Games 2011

We will attempt to keep you informed of activities at the games.

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