Our Mission

Our Mission is to:

  • To bring communities together through sport
  • To support the talented athletes in their high performance endeavors
  •  To reach out to the remote communities where outdoor activities are a part of daily life
  • To promote health and wellness through participation in cross country skiing and marksmanship
  •  To reconnect youth to the land through cross country skiing, snowshoeing and rifle marksmanship
  •  To educate youth in the safe rifle handling and marksmanship skills that are needed to survive in a traditional Northern lifestyle.


  • To increase the number of participants across the North
  • To provide support to the elite athletes
  • To recruit sponsorship and support for the Association

Why Biathlon is suited to the NWT:

  •  Skiing, snowshoeing, running promote a healthy lifestyle
  •  Rifle marksmanship is a necessary skill for hunting
  •  Snow is available for 6 months of the year
  •  Education and respect of proper rifle safety and rifle handling is needed for today’s youth who are exposed negative influences of the video game culture
  • Talented athletes have been developed from the NWT despite the barriers that are in place