NWT Cadet Biathletes Shine at National Cadet Championships

March 14-19, 2010

Myriam Bedard Centre, Val Cartier PQ
The Northern 1 Cadet Biathlon Team achieved their best ever performance at the National Cadet Championships, returning with a total of 7 medals. Their results set a dramatic new level of excellence for the team: in the past, they have never returned with more than a single medal. Our NWT cadet biathletes were prominent on the podium.
The girl’s excelled in the team events. The Patrol Race is the crowning event of the competition, and differs in a number of ways from the more traditional biathlon relay event. The race involves three team members, and starts and finishes on the firing range. No coaching is permitted, and the athletes must devise their own strategies. Each biathlete has to carry a knapsack, with the items to be carried strategically distributed among the members. Each team member has two shooting opportunities, and must travel the course together, keeping within 30 metres of the first and last team member. The team of Alicia Norris (Fort Smith), Kimberly Ring (Hay River) and Angeline Magtibay (Hay River) finished the Composite Female Patrol competition nearly two minutes ahead of the Quebec silver medalists to win the gold. This team also captured the bronze medal in the 3.4 km Relay event.  
The girls also did well in the individual events. In the Jr. Female 4.5 km Sprint, Angeline Magtibay won silver, and Alicia Norris took the bronze. In the Jr. Female Pursuit, Alicia Norris took silver, and Anglene Magitbay the bronze.
The boy’s team excelled in the individual events, with Colton Glaicar (Hay River) winning the gold in the Jr. Male 6 km Pursuit.
The NWT Biathlon Association has been working to extend our programs into the smaller communities and develop a closer partnership with our territorial Cadet organization. We congratulate the NWT Cadets on their great success this season. For more information on the Cadet National Biathlon Championships visit the Cadets Canada website: www.cadets.ca.  
For more information, contact NWT Biathlon at 867-874-2956.