Atheletes do well at Camrose Summer Biathlon Camp


Hay River Biathletes

Six our our biathletes just returned from Alberta Biathlon's Summer Development Camp at Augustana University in Camrose, Alberta.  There were 46 biathletes from across Western Canada at the camp. I have attached an 'action shot' of each of the kids from the roller ski race (these replace the skis that the kids normally use on snow - they use their ski poles with special tips for use on asphalt and their regular ski boots attach to the roller skis).  In order of pictures, the kids are Kim Ring, Andrew Lirette, Angeline Magtibay, Colton Glaicar, Joseph Lirette and Christopher Lirette.  There are also a couple of group shots of the kids taken in Camrose as well.

The camp consists of roller ski and shooting training sessions, classroom sessions on gun maintenance and race preparation, and concludes with three competitions - shooting, roller skiing and a summer baithlon race.  There is also lots of social activities planned and the chance to experience life as a university student as the kids all stayed in the residences on campus.

In the shooting competition, Joseph was actually the top gun (highest score of all competitors) at the camp and placed first in his division.  The junior division had four of the Hay River kids together, with Colton finishing 3rd, Christopher 4th, Kim 8th and Angeline 9th out of 12 competitors.  This group of kids have the big challenge of competing and shooting in the standing position for the first time this year, so that will be one of the focuses of the training and shooting that we do here in Hay River.  In the youngest division, Andrew finished 5th out of 10 in the shooting competion.

In the roller ski race, they lumped all Junior and Senior competitors into one big division with 22 biathletes in total.  Final results were Joseph in 2nd, Christopher 7th, Angeline 12th, Colton 13th, and Kim 20th.  Andrew was 10th of 12 competitors in the younger division.  The course is a challenge in Camrose, very hilly with sharp corners, and more than one biathlete took home scrapes (Andrew and Kim had some whoppers) from falls while on the trails!

Chris    Andrew  Joseph  Colton  Kim  Angeline

Finally, in the Shoot to Win Summer Biathlon Race, we had some very good Hay River results as well.  In the Junior Boys, Andrew was 6th of 12.  In the Senior Girls, Angeline was 1st and Kim was 2nd of 7 competitors for a Hay River sweep.  In the Senior Boys, Christopher finished 10th of 14 and Colton was a DNS due to sickness.  Joseph was 1st in the Youth Men category as well.   

We have started our practice sessions for the new season as well.  The kids have been working with former biathlete Amy MacDonald, and have already completed 3-4 shooting sessions at the Gun Range as well as 3 roller skis along the Pine Point highway in preparation for this camp.  We will be continuing with these sessions as we start our season......if there are youth or parents interested in getting involved in biathlon, they can contact Chuck Lirette, April Glaicar or Larry Ring for more information.

Another challenge we have as a club and group of parents is that of fundraising - we are throwing around the idea of a ski-a-thon in which the kids would roller ski 120 km from the town to the Alberta-NWT border. The kids would collect pledges for each kilometre skiied - funds would be used for equipment (we are considering the purchase of heart monitors for the kids to use as part of their training) and travel costs later in the winter.  We will let you know more details as we figure them out.

Give me or April a shout if you have any questions! 

Chuck Lirette