Feb. 10-2011 Arrived in Halifax

 We made it to the airport after spending the night at Fraser Towers. 3 taxi loads to get us there. Doug Swallow,coach , Chuck Lirette, coach Paul Green, Wax Tech, Joseph lirette, Brandon Norris and Gaylen Pischinger athletes. Gail Niinamaa coach and Charlene Deneyoua athlete are going to the games too.  Gail and Charlene will meet us in Halifax as they are travellling from Edmonton with team Alberta.  Check in went smooth and we were off to Iqaluit on a 737 jet . We were delayed for an hour in Iqaluit as the auxiliary motor wouldn’t start. So they got out the booster cables. We arrived in Halifax around 8:00 pm after 6 hours and twenty minutes of flying. We are staying at the Prince George Hotel, very nice. This is a real step up from the classroom floors or bunk beds. Gail  and Charlene  met up with us.

We have issues with transportation as the bus leave for the range at 0630 am and the cafeteria opens at 0600. They said there would be cold cereal for the athletes. Check out a cornflakes box and see how many bowls of cereal you would have to eat to get 1000 calories in you prior to a 15k race. Only a bus in the early morning and then returning 2:30pm  1.5hr ride each way. So a long day if you only what your athletes there for an hour.  We probably won't go out tomorrow. We will try to work these little issues out tomorrow.

Opening ceremonies are tomorrow evening and you can view them on TSN2 at 4:00pm Mountain Standard time. See if you can spot us. We have posted some pictures from Iqaluit.