Chuck & Doug's Blog - Feb 14

Today was a training day at the CWG.  The Host Committee was unwilling to move the start time for the boys back by more than an hour (meaning a 6 AM wake up call for the boys).  Given that they were coming off the long 15 km race, the coaches decided that it was more important for the biathletes to get caught up on their sleep than it was to make the trip to Martock for a training day.  As it turned out, many of the other teams made the same decision and training day was not very well attended.

Good call on our part, as none of the biathletes were out of bed before 10:30 AM!   The coaches took the opportunity to visit a couple of venues; we trekked over Citadel Hill to the Outdoor Long Track for speed skating and watched a few races.  Gail's cousin from Calgary was one of the Alberta coaches.  After being joined by Theresa and her sister, we took in half a game of wheelchair basketball between Quebec and Alberta.  Very interesting to watch - they go at each other hard with lots of chairs crashing into one another or cutting each other off!  I was quite intrigued by the smell of burnt rubber in the gym from the wheels on the chair and all the quick stops and turns.

We met up with the biathletes at the Metro Centre and took in the NWT- Yukon hockey game.  NWT won 7-1 and it was fun to see Carter, Joel and Connor in action.  Unfortunately, Gavin suffered a charley horse injury and was not able to play. 

After the game, we visited the Nova Scotia Sports Hall of Fame and took some pictures with Sidney Crosby's clothes dryer that he used to shoot pucks at as a kid and the 'golden stick' that he scored the gold medal winning goal with at the Olympics.

Gaylen and Charlene decided to do some shopping and Chuck, Joseph, Paul, Gail and Brandon went to visit the waterfront.  We saw Theodore the Tugboat tied up at a pier, and walked along the boardwalk taking in the view (including a lighthouse on an island in the harbour).  We then had lunch at a restaurant - haddock fish and chips, and we got permission to have the boys pose with a lobster from the tank!  Smiles all around!  Afterwards, we all went our separate ways for an hour or so to do some souvenir shopping in the downtown shops.

The coaches attended the coach's meeting at 5 PM as we start to prepare for tomorrow's Sprint (10 km for the boys and 7.5 km for the girls).  Charlene went for another round of physio and appears to be ready to go for tomorrow.  Weather man is not cooperating, with snow and 30 km winds with gusts up to 70 kmh forecasted.  We will have an interesting time in the range I am sure!

We had a team meeting at 6:30 PM to plan for the Sprint.  Gail has some race planning and reflection forms that the biathletes are to complete as they start to think and get their heads into the Sprint.  We talked routes, penalty laps, shooting sequences, sight in procedures, equipment check, bus schedules and clothing for the conditions with the team.

Afterwards, a few went to the evening hockey game with BC and Ontario and others took in the free outdoor concert by the Athlete's Village.  It was a great day to regroup before we do back to back races the next two days!

Check out the daily newsletters that the NWT Mission puts out at the Games - Doug has posted them (about half way down the page once it opens) and the pictures that we took at the venues we visited and from around Halifax in the Photo Gallery.

Early to bed for all as our day starts at 5 AM again tomorrow!

Happy Valentine's Day from Nova Scotia to Dorothy (HR), Miriam (YK) and Veli (Calgary)!