Doug & Chuck's Blog - Feb 17

Sorry to be coming at you a little late....we had no internet connection in our room for the last day or so....too many people with blackberries and lap tops in Halifax this week apparently!

Thursday was our off day, and the team was ready for it!  The boys in particular have had a busy schedule, up at 5 Am every morning.   It was well after 10 before there was any sign of life in the room next door!  The girls have been more fortunate as they have been able to sleep until 8 Am most mornings.

Chuck, Paul, Gail, Doug, Theresa and sister Marilyn ventured down to Pier 21 to start the morning.  It is Canada's version of Ellis Island, with over 1 million immigrants to Canada arriving through there in the early 1990's.  It was also the departure and return depot for the Canadian Forces during WWII.  Did you know that Halifax is the second largest harbour in the world?   Sydney, Austrailia is the largest (in case you were not sure)!

After touring the museum, it was some chowder for munch and a walk through of a Farmer's Market on the wharf....good for a few souvenirs indeed. 

After that, everyone split up and went separate ways...Doug, Paul and Gail to a ringette game, Chuck and Joseph to the navy shipyard to see the Canadian Navy's warships that are docked here and Charlene, Gaylen and Brandon to the Micmac Mall for some shopping.

The team then met with Jamie Robb in the late afternoon for an hour or so.  Jamie was born in Hay River and was a biathlete on the national team for 8 years.  The session was informal and allowed our team to ask Jamie some questions and to get to know him a little better.  Jamie certainly remembered skiing with the Hay River Biathlon Team on Great Slave Lake a couple of years ago....the pictures and evidence are on the Ski Club's website still!

After the session, it was off to a restaurant called Salty's that overlooks the harbour for our team meal - lobster all around!  It was alot of fun watching the kids crack shells and get at the meat inside - lots of smiles, laughs and a very memorable evening.  It was some of their first ever experience eating lobster.  And, oh, Gaylen will not eat the green and red stuff that is inside  :-)   Look for the pictures on the gallery!

After dinner, it was back to the rooms and time to start thinking of the Relays on Friday morning.  It will be our last early morning and trip to Martock....we want to do our best with our new Yukon teammates and in our final race of the Games!

Another terrific day in Nova Scotia for team NWT!