Canadian Biathlon Championships

March 25 Pursuit

The weather was colder today -12 but with a NW wind at 10-15 km.  Sunny with occasional clouds  95% humidity.  This made shooting difficult but our team did well  placing the same or moving up.  Results | photos Angeline was unable to finish her race due to those darn shin splints.  The banquet was full of great food, and Roméo Dallaire was the guest speaker.  He is the patrion for Biathlon Canada.  He received a standing ovation.  Tomorrow is the relays  that should be fun.

 March 24 Rest Day

Found out today that we will have an official relay.  Joseph will ski up to categories to ski with Betsy and Brendan.  The distance is the same 6km.  There was some posturing with the race committee would not allow this.  Betsy brought it to my attention that a motion had been pasted at the last Biathlon Canada AGM which allowed for this in the relay.  Chris will be skiing with the Yukon Girls, Angeline; we are still trying to get her on a team.  She may be skiing with Quebec as they have one girl that is ill.

Angeline went to a "Fast and Female" session with Zina and other World cup, Olympian Athletes; she said it was pretty emotional and that she really enjoyed it.

Everyone went for a ski to loosen up some muscles for tomorrow’s pursuit race.


March 23 Sprint Race 

hmm  it didn't save  will add again later

Results | photos


March 22

Individual Race.

Long day.  winds light -2  Left my bag in the lobby of the hotel with the bibs so had to make a 40 minute drive to pick them up.. Arrived 15 minutes before siight in.  This is a well organized event meal cards and soup and sandwiches for athletes and coaches. Alot of $$ in this facility hmmm I wonder where that comes from.

Racing today, everyone was nervous and they should be,  They are skiing with Olympians, Brendan, Zina, etc  World cup athletes.  Names they have heard in the clubhouse or seen or heard watching the world cups.  Sight in took a few clips to get everyone settled  in.  They foundthe hills hard and their legs were burning, but they call skied well.

I have results in the photo's (Chuck's trick)


March 21 Official Training day today

.  It was suppose to be light flurries, but it snowed most of the day. +1 but it will be -5 tonight so it should harden up.  Claude is busy he has the wax for tomorrow.  BC picked their wax and it was Claude's second choice, so we should be good.  Alberta has 50 people they brought to nationals. 

Brendan was suppose to fly into Moncton but the flight was cancelled. They (Brendan and Scott) were able to book from Montreal to Bathurst which is only about an hour drive south from Campbellton I drove to Bathurst to pick up Brendan at 5:30 this evening. World Cup biathletes- ski bags are big enough to sleep in, holds 18 pair of skis, ski boots , poles, dirty laundry and anything else you can’t get in your suitcase and the suitcase weighs 75 pounds.  So this is how world cup athletes get their strength work out. So I missed opening ceremonies (Gee Chuck).  Betsy was the NWT Flag Bearer chosen by her fellow athletes. .
Everyone shot well at practice so I am looking forward to tomorrow.   


March 20

We had a practice day.  Athletes did not shoot but rather focused on the trails and approaches to the range.  Claude our wax tech got everything set up in the wax room.  We are sharing with BC and they have lots of athletes so there will be no hanging out in the wax hut.

The venue is pretty slick with a lodge that forms the berm on one side of the range the side facing the range is all windows (bullet proof of course.) Brendan's flight to Moncton was cancelled so they (Brendan & Scott) spent the night in Montreal and will fly into Bathurst Tuesday afternoon.  Photos


March 19

Brendan Green, Betsy Mawdsley, Joseph Lirette, Christopher Lirette and Angeline Magtibay will be competiting in Charlo New Brunswick. From March 21 to the 27th.

Our travel with Buffalo Air to Yellowknife and the south on West Jet to Edmonton was uneventful other that the boys were not able find enough food to fill their appetites. 

Angeline was busy doing her homework in the airport

Angeline busy doing homework

Betsy joins us tomorrow and we fly to Moncton  on West Jet leaving at 12:35  arriving in Moncton 11:20pm local time.  We then drive for about 3 hours to Campbellton where we will be staying at the Super 8  506-753-8080.  Brendan will meet us there.
Monday and Tuesday are training days
Wednesday is the Individual Race start time 0900 and 1300
Thursday 24th  Sprint races
Friday 25th Training days
Saturday 26th Pursuit Race
Sunday 27 Mixed Relay 
Monday 28th we fly back to Edmonton leaving Moncton at 06:15 and arriving 12:02pm. We are staying at the Nisku Inn 780.955.7744.
Tuesday we fly to Hay River via Northwestern Air Lease leaving Edmonton at 12:30pm and arriving in Hay River 2:45pm
Our weather looks good for the week.
This will be an exciting competition as all the athletes are very competitive.  I will try and keep this blog going  and hopefully some pictures too.