Postal Shoot October-November 2011

 Two shooting sessions are left October 31 and Nov 30.  Lets put the NWT on the map as great shooters.  Here is the link for more info

Rules for postal shoot

Postal rules in .PDF

10 prone at a 10m distance (single loaded). This category will now be 14 and

.         The Senior Boys/Girls & Younger (16 & Under) must use the 151CP
targets, with 10 prone shots per target, for a total of 20 prone shots
(single loaded).

.         Youth Men/Women and older (17 & Over) must use the 151CP targets,
with 10 shots per target, for a total of 20 prone and 20 standing shots
(single loaded)

.         You can shoot up a category. Thus, if you are of Senior age, but
submit 4 targets, you will be placed in the Youth category

.         If you do not submit enough targets for your age category, you
will be given a 0 for missing targets

.         If there is a crossfire on a target, please indicate which shot is
a cross fire, otherwise there are to be 10 shots per target only.

.          Targets received with more than 10 shots will have the highest
valued shots discarded, as it is not fair to the person marking them to
chose which shots count and which do not.

.         In the event that there is a tie, the most number of 10s will be
awarded the higher ranking

.         No rests allowed

I want to thank you for your patience and feedback. As we are using this as
a pilot, it is important that all entries have a registration form so we can
assess who is participating in our competition and contact the winners.
Please find attached a more detailed registration form, which should
eliminate confusion. Finally, any additional feedback that you may have is
always welcome.


Thank you and best of luck to those participating in October and November
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Could you please share this message with coaches within your division.