Deline Hosts Biathlon Workshop

Shooting targets and strapping on showshoes were all part of the day-long snowshoe biathlon camp hosted by Pat Bobinski in Deline on Sept. 29.

 In total, 30 students learned the techniques of firing at targets and strapping on traditional snowshoe bindings.
Trent Waterhouse, program sport instructor at Ehtseo Ayha School, said "the workshop was intended to peak interest in the sport."
"It was a great to interact with Pat. He generated some interest and we hope to continue the sport as a community event," said Waterhouse.
Students were given the opportunity to try out firing both a single shot pellet gun as well as a rifle used for competitions. Student Autumn Baton's favourite part of the workshop was getting many opportunities to shoot at targets.
"I was really close right on the middle of target," said Baton.
Baton, who said she has been snowshoeing and hunting with her grandfather in the past, admitted that she did not know how to strap on the snowshoes which used a traditional binding.
"I would like to try it out in the future," said Baton.
Gloria Gaudet, recreation co-ordinator for Deline, was first introduced to the sport while she was attending Aurora College Thebacha Campus in Fort Smith. Gaudet was a volunteer at the 2008 Arctic Winter Games in Yellowknife when she encountered the sport.
"We are trying to organize cultural activities in the community. We ordered five running snowshoes which arrived in April," said Gaudet.
"The rifles are expensive, but it is possible that we can use .22 calibre rifles," she added.
Gaudet does admit there is a lot of work to be done as the community does not have any established trails and the process to allow students to use .22 calibre rifles is difficult.
"Kids were lined up shooting and some of the parents became very interested but often the students were better shots than the parents," said Waterhouse.
 by Richard McIntosh
Northern News Services