Brendan Green's Fall Training Update

October 31, 2011
NWT Biathlon

Throughout the summer months, Brendan has been engaged in a rigorous training program with the National Team at their Biathlon Training centre in Canmore, Alberta.

The off season training is critical for developing the strength and endurance to carry the athletes through the competitive winter season. Unfortunately, during a weight training session in late July, Brendan suffered a back injury from which he is still recovering. In spite of this setback, his recovery has been going well, and he is confident that he will be in good form by December when the team enters World Cup competitions.

The team spent several weeks in September and October taking part in altitude ski training on the Dachstein glacier in Austria. It is one of the few places in the world where athletes can train at high altitude during the day, and still return to a lower altitude for recovery – considered to be the most beneficial approach to increasing endurance. This altitude training was then evaluated through a session of testing at the University of Calgary to measure each athlete’s oxygen uptake and heart stroke volume.

The team  has now started their early snow training in Canmore, using snow that has been stockpiled for this purpose. The team will undergo time trials for selection purposes in November, to determine who will start on the first World Cup Tour. Brendan has been pre-selected for this tour based on his strong World Cup results last season. His first race is scheduled to take place Nov. 30 in Oestersund, Sweden.