Remarkable Season for Biathlete Brendan Green


Summary of International Biathlon Results: 2011-2012 Season

Prepared by NWT Biathlon April 20, 2012


“It was the best of times. It was the worst of times” …. “right out of Dickens” was how a prominent Canadian sports writer summarized Brendan’s remarkable 2011-2012 biathlon season. It was a roller coaster ride, with extraordinary highs and agonizing lows.


The highlights provided much to celebrate as Brendan advanced to establish himself as one of the nation’s brightest biathlon prospects ever. Since December he has competed in 17 World Cup races in 5 countries.  His most significant achievement came in claiming two top 10 finishes in the individual events. These results came in his final set of races in Holmenkollen, Norway. In the 10 km Sprint, perfect shooting combined with a strong skiing effort enabled him to overtake a number of former Olympic medalists to capture his career best 9th placing. He followed that up with a 13th place in the Pursuit Race, and a 10th place in the Mass Start.


Brendan’s consistency in shooting was a key factor in his success this season. He shot clean in 6 World Cup races this season and was the top marksman for the Canadian team. With an 87.3% average in the range, he is among the top shooters on the World Cup circuit – currently ranking 8th and up from 39th last season. Brendan has also been able to match the top biathletes in the world on his skis: in his best race ever, he clocked the 2nd fastest skiing time. Now, in most races he can also match the best in shooting. To win at the World Cup level, the biathlete must ski fast and shoot nearly perfectly. Being able to raise his shooting performance to the level of his skiing was a huge breakthrough for Brendan this season.


Brendan was also a strong and consistent performer in the team relays. This season, he competed in three relay events in which the team achieved two of their best ever World Cup results. For the first time in the history of Canadian Biathlon, the team made it into the “Flower Ceremony” (which honours the top six teams) when the Mixed Relay Team finished in 6th place. He also helped the Men’s Relay Team to a 7th place finish to match their best ever result.


Biathlon Canada selected Brendan Green for their prestigious Male Athlete of the Year Award for 2012.  In their news release, Biathlon Canada concludes: “With every season, Brendan has been dramatically closing the gap with the best in the world. This is no small achievement. It is no exaggeration to suggest that Brendan is a rising star in the world of Canadian and International biathlon.”


Unfortunately, Brendan’s season was marred by a back injury suffered during summer training. It flared up again after the first set of World Cup competitions, and finally forced him to withdraw from competition altogether just prior to the World Championships. He has been undergoing treatments in Canmore since the end of February, and underwent back surgery at the end of April, but hopes to resume training soon. Providing he recovers fully from this injury, he will be a strong contender for the podium in the future.