Brendan is Back


August 12, 2013

 ll the top Canadian and American biathletes were on hand to compete at the North American Rollerski Championships in Jericho, Vt. With the Sochi Olympics on the horizon, it was an important selection race for the American Team who expect to be strong medal contenders. It was also an opportunity for the Canadians to see how they measure up against some of the world’s top biathletes.


The event was an important test for Hay River’s Brendan Green, who has been out of commission for most of 2012, after suffering a herniated disc injury at a World Cup race. This time last summer, Brendan was preparing to undergo his second back surgery. At that point, there was a big question mark as to whether he would ever be able to compete again. A long period of rehab followed until he cautiously stepped back on skis Christmas Day. From then it was a gradual progression until this summer, when he was able to rejoin the National Team training program.


Brendan’s first competition since his injury was the 10 km Sprint held on Saturday. His shooting was solid, hitting 9 of 10 and his roller-skiing was strong enough to give him a 3rd place podium finish. In the 12.5 km Pursuit Race on Sunday, he had another respectable result on the range, hitting 17 out of 20 to move up to 2nd place. A detailed account of the event can be viewed online at


These are very encouraging results for Brendan. He has removed any question mark about his readiness to compete at the highest level. Not only is he back on track, he was the top male finisher for the Canadian team.


Brendan returns to Canmore to resume training, but is planning to come back to Hay River in early September to train with local biathletes. He will then travel to Austria with the National Team for altitude training on the Dachstein Glacier in mid-September.





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